Our story begins with my father, Tan Kim Seng. With no high school education, my father, from Fujian Province, China, immigrated to Burma as a teenager and worked as a dock laborer who unloaded vessels at the Rangoon port. He would send money every month to his mother in China since he was her only child. He started his coffee roasting business, Hoping's Rooster Pure Coffee, in Rangoon Chinatown with his modest savings. After Allied Forces recaptured the capital Rangoon from Japanese Imperial Forces in 1945, my dad’s business boomed along with the new economy.  He worked extremely hard seven days a week so the family of 11 children could have a comfortable life. Hoping's Pure Coffee made a name in Burma while competing with the biggest players in coffee industry from Burma, India and England. My passion for micro roasting originated from witnessing my father and his incredible journey. One of the many things I learned from my dad is to roast high quality coffee beans in small batches consistently with the same standard operating procedures. Our mission here in the states is not to sacrifice quality over speed and quantity. If you enjoy our freshly roasted coffee in your cup daily, our mission is accomplished.                        


Just coffee and roses for your significant other! Guns & Roses is still a great band!

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