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Tet Kone Micro Lot

1 lb Bag =  $12.49

Whole Beans

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We are excited to offer specialty coffee from Tet Kone Village,  Burma  

Cupping Notes:

Tropical candy, mango, apricot, guava and coconut flavors with clear, distinct pineapple acidity and a heavy syrup body

Region: Southern Shan State, Myanmar

Altitude: 1205 meters (3953 feet)

Processing Method: Natural dry process

Varieties: Catuai, Caturra, Catimor, S795​​

1 lb Bag = $10.49

​T-shirt = $7.99 + Tax

Net Wt.
Roast Type

Roasted coffee beans emit carbon dioxide gas for several days. Our bags have one-way air-valve that allows carbon dioxide to escape but prevents oxygen from entering the sealed bag. This allows degassing in the bag while preventing oxidative degradation to keep roasted coffee beans fresh for your enjoyment .

We use only

high quality 

Arabica coffee beans!

T-Shirt Size

Barton Sky Blend

Tet Kone Myanmar Special

Single Source Whole Beans:

1] Rangoon Pearl: Specialty light roast - SE Asia

2] Mandalay Ruby: Smooth medium roast - SE Asia - our top seller

3] Moulmein Diamond: Bold dark roast - SE Asia

Specialty Blend Whole Beans:​​

4] SoCo Blend: SE Asia, Africa, Central & South America  

5] Barton Sky Blend: SE Asia & Africa 

6] House Blend 360: SE Asia & Central America - our best seller of 2017

Net Wt.
Roast Type

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